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JS to TS evolution
Modern development: Client-side programming

JavaScript has been the most commonly used programming language since 2013. This has been due to the rapid development of internet standards such as HTML, CSS and, naturally, JavaScript.

In 2009, Marc D. Anderson published the first version of SPServices, his SharePoint JavaScript library, bringing client-side development to the SharePoint platform and freeing us from Microsoft’s ever-changing development environments.

Today, we have a wide range of enterprise-level client-side programming frameworks, many of which use TypeScript – the next evolution of JavaScript created by Microsoft.

We can now create powerful, robust applications that can be easily and cheaply migrated to the next version of SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

The Jarmit Development Solution

At Jarmit Solutions we have perfected the use of the Angular client-side programming framework with SharePoint and Office 365.

Angular allows us to create highly complex, multi-view applications with easy data integration between the application logic and the interface.

Using this development environment, we can create applications that work on all versions of SharePoint from 2007 onwards and require little or no changes to migrate to more recent versions of SharePoint.

Combining technologies
Overcoming technology integration problems
SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Integration

While most client-side frameworks can be used in Microsoft’s latest development platform, Angular has a few caveats with SPFx which restrict what can be done.

We have developed techniques to avoid these problems, allowing us to use the full power of Angular and create full-complexity, enterprise-level applications in Angular encapsulated in a SPFx project for easy deployment on SharePoint 2016, 2019/SE or Online.

Select the right solution for your needs


Add headers and/or footers to all your pages to display what you require with application customizers.

Modify the way list data is displayed with field customizers.

Add buttons to list menus with ListView command sets.


Many processes are common to many businesses and organizations, like requesting vacations or claiming business expenses.

Custom Apps.

Each business has its own unique requirements, and that goes for its apps as well.

Integrating with Microsoft 365 and other LOB systems, Jarmit solutions custom apps are tailored to fit your needs.


Deploying and redeploying SPFx solutions to update an application can be time-consuming and always requires a SharePoint administrator to do it.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept can just as easily be applied to solutions for your business, allowing your users to access the latest version of your app as soon as the code is updated without having to wait on a SharePoint admin to update solutions in the app catalog.
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