Experts in migrating

Experts in migrating
to Microsoft 365

Whether you are coming from a version of SharePoint on premise, network folders on a file server or another environment, we can plan and execute a successful migration to Microsoft 365 or the latest version of SharePoint on premise.

Minimal downtime and an optimized migration strategy tailored to your business and it’s needs.

User adoption – the vital factor in maximizing ROI

Microsoft 365 is the most advanced cloud-based office productivity suite available, but if your users only use a small fraction of it, they are losing out on many powerful tools and wasting your investment.

Nobody can be expected to be an expert in anything immediately, and the wide range of applications and services available in Microsoft 365 means users require time to get up to speed with them and learn which one to use when.

With a progressive implementation of these technologies over time, we can help your users become experts and take full advantage of the entire platform.

user adoption
Level up – from sharing to process automation

The Basics: A place for everything and everything in its place,… and NO COPIES!!

We can help your users learn when to use what to store their files and the new ‘cloud best practices’ such as never having multiple copies of the same file and sending links instead of attachments in emails.

Intermediate: The 4C’s – Communication, Collaboration, Categorization and Customization.

Learn how to publish information in SharePoint pages, permissions and sharing, collaborating in Teams, metadata and views in lists and libraries, and many other advanced document management features to become information professionals.

Power Users: Command & Control.

Take your business processes online, starting with a simple status column to help follow-up the different phases of the work in hand, all the way to multi-role processes with automatic notifications, task duration control, reassigning and alerts with the work flow tool Power Automate.